Player Eligibility

The Valley Spring Faceoff tournament is a 2nd Tier AA/AAA event only.

Players who play on Elite AAA Teams are not eligible to play in this tournament. All team rosters must be pre-approved by the tournament coordinator.

Players must play a minimum of 2 placement round games to be eligible for playoffs.

Players are only allowed on ONE roster for the tournament regardless of division.

If a team is found to have an ineligible player on their roster and playing in any game, they will forfeit the game and the opposing team will be awarded a win.

Code of Conduct

Any unsportsmanlike conduct by players, coaches or fans will not be tolerated. There will be zero tolerance for referee abuse by players, coaches or fans. The referees will be instructed to provide a single warning before ejecting a coach or player from the game. Any coach or player ejected from more than one game for abuse of officials will be suspended for the rest of the tournament. Abusive spectators will be required to leave the arena, it will be at the tournament coordinators discretion whether that spectator will be allowed back in the arena for the remainder of the tournament. We ask that all managers and coaches ensure that their players and parents understand the tournament rules.

Game Play Rules

Game Rules: The current BC Hockey Rulebook will be used.

Small Nets: The 2017 Division will utilize small nets.

Warm-up: Pre-game warm-ups will be 3 minutes in length.

Game Length: Each game will be 3 - 15 minute stop time periods with the following adjustments as necessary:

a) The total elapsed time cannot exceed 75 minutes per game.

b) The tournament reserves the right to make adjustments to accommodate schedule delays.

c) The time allocated for the third period will be half of the remaining ice time.

Time Outs: There will be no time-outs allowed.

Overtime: No overtime in Round Robin Play. For playoff games, a 5 minute 3-on-3 sudden death period will be played to determine the winner. If no winner is decided during the overtime, a 3-man shoot-out will decide the game. If still tied after the first 3, there will be a sudden death shoot-out. Each team must use every player on the bench before allowing the first shooter to go again. Players will shoot alternately at each end until the match is decided.

Protests: No protests will be accepted. Referees decisions are final.

Mercy Rule: No more than a five goal differential will be posted on the scoreboard. Any game with a goal differential of 5 or more after the 7.5 minute mark in the second period will result in running time until the end of the game. If the goal differential drops to less than 5, stop time will resume.

Divisional Format and Standings

4-Team Divisions:

Each Team will play three round robin games and will be ranked 1-4. Semi-finals will be 1st vs. 4th & 2nd vs. 3rd. Championship final will be winner of Semi1 vs. winner of Semi2. Losers of the semi-finals games will play a consolation game.

5-Team Divisions:

Each team will play four round robin games and will be ranked 1-5. 1st will get a bye to the Championship game. 4th will play 5th in a Consolation game. 2nd vs. 3rd for a semi-final. Winner of semi-final will play 1st in the Championship game.

6-Team Divisions:

Each team will play 5 round robin games and will be ranked 1-6. 1st vs. 2nd will play in the Championship game.


Points System:

2 Points for a win, 1 Point for a Tie and 0 points for a loss.

Placement Round Tie-Breaker:

Where two or more team are tied in the Standings after the placement round, the following tie-breaker steps will be taken in order:

  1. Head-to-head (2 Teams only)
  2. Greatest number of wins
  3. Fewest Goals Against
  4. Fewest Penalty minutes
  5. Greatest Goals For

Penalties and Discipline

Body Checking: There is no body checking allowed in any division of the Valley Spring Faceoff.

Checking From Behind: at the discretion of the referee:

2 Minute Penalty and Game Ejection - Player will be ejected from the game with no further suspension.

5 Minute Penalty and Game Ejection - Player will be ejected from the game and will serve an additional game suspension.

Head Contact: at the discretion of the referee, either a 2 minute or 4 minute penalty will be given for head contact.

Match Penalties: A match penalty will be given to any player who deliberately injures or attempts to injure another player. Any match penalty will result in a minimum of one additional game suspension as determined by the Tournament coordinator.

Fighting: Fighting will not be tolerated. Any fighting will result in a 5 minute major penalty and game ejection. Any fighting penalty will result in a minimum of one additional game suspension as determined by the Tournament coordinator.

Coach Ejection: Any coach ejected from a game will be given an additional 1 game suspension. There is zero tolerance for a coach being abusive to an official, opposing players or players on his/her own team.